Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic

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Pixel Heroes: Byte Magic - interesting classic RPG for Android platform, designed for a very small segment of consumers, and here's why. Firstly, the very high level of complexity that is characteristic of role-playing games, deters many consumers, because you need to spend a lot of time to overcome the level, and a deadly level is probably impossible to pass, though it may be, there are masters. If any other game levels are classified as light, medium, heavy, here - hard, impossible, and deadly.

The second reason is contained in the 8-bit pixel graphics. Finally, the third reason that very reduced segment of consumers - is its price. The cost of the game Pixel Heroes: Byte Magic is 6.5 dollars, which, admittedly, very much, despite the fact that for such projects, developers are asking for at least half. Now it becomes clear why today it downloaded a little more than a thousand users Google Play.

According to the storyline of the game forces of darkness sent to earth to destroy mankind their offspring. You need to prevent this sad ending and with a group of heroes, which you will manage to go to fight the forces of evil. Will take very little time, just a couple of minutes, when before you encounter almost insurmountable difficulties.

The game does not contain any Donati, so help can be expected from somewhere, has to rely only on themselves. Moreover, all the dialogues in the game only in English, which also limits somewhat its popularity.

The main properties of the game Pixel Heroes: Byte Magic:

· Three dozen different classes of characters, each class is unique!

· A huge amount of different weapons and armor

· Thirteen dangerous dungeons and difficult boss

· Three different companies with its own story

· There is even a graveyard of heroes who have fallen under your leadership

· Many interesting NPC, dialogues, stories ...

· Myriad of random events

· Bunch of achievements that are not so easy to unlock

Summary: it must be admitted that the game is really cool, and for fans of classic role-playing games can become something of an idol, because what others regarded as disadvantages for fans of role-playing games - esteem.


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