Zombie Highway 2


Zombie Highway 2 - the second part of the game for the android platform. The first part was very popular among players, fans highway full of zombies, and gained the attention of more than ten million subscribers. Driving on the highway is a bit like a runner, but the game has a storyline and levels that are not infinite, and have an end.

Abandoned cars on the road and roam the crowd dead. You can drive along the route, overcoming all obstacles.

If we compare the first and second parts, it must be admitted that in principle they do not differ, but the physics in the second edition has become better, because it was easier to drive; improved graphics and animation has become more measured. Appeared nitro, but buying in the game were, unfortunately, no change.

During the apocalypse all want to find more or less safe place in which to hide. And the main character, overcoming kilometer, trying to escape from the dead, and the danger that they carry. He wants to find a safe area, free from the dead. You will spend your hero in a straight line, overcoming obstacles, such as abandoned cars and attacking zombies. Destroy the zombies you can in two ways - either to shoot a gun, which will be at your disposal, but with a limited amount of ammunition, or knock down, striking the other car, which you need to drive neatly close to him. Donat, which sadly, the game has, and it gives you the possibility to upgrade or buy a new car, pump the arms or buy him bullets.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Zombie Highway 2:

· 60 challenging levels

· Change in physics provides a new sensation

· 10 types of zombies, 6 types of vehicles, 17 weapons and 4 kinds of super-weapons

· Large number of tasks, each day is new, for the solution of which you will receive bonuses

· In a special mode that is supported by the game automatically generated levels

· Internet is statistics results

· For download no need to pay

Negative characteristics of the game Zombie Highway 2:

· Purchase within the gameplay for Donat (gold coins)

· Not to spend real money, you can view a promotional video

Summary: in general, it should be recognized that the second part of the game has surpassed its predecessor, so we can safely predict her future success.


Download Zombie Highway 2 apk Free 39.16 MB version 1.0

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