Halloween Nightmare


Halloween Nightmare - a terrific game of the mysterious, mystical nights a bit gloomy Halloween ringtones. Who said that there is no other world?! Who decided that he was not afraid of the night world of the holiday of Halloween. And who can - then decided to come back from the other world just then play this game that will blow you over - complete.

Remember, in order to get back into your world, you need to collect a lot of candy and find a way out of the unreal, mystical world.

Rules of the game:

- To collect all the candy and all run headlong through the exit.

mystic symbols of Halloween is not
leave you in
alone will constantly harass you, but
You have the ability to beat
by collecting energy.

help you to mystical balloons, blowing up enemies, in addition, with the right choice of color ball can get a gem that uh
as you need.

can find objects using their
Find out.

Halloween Nightmare has features:

- A great number of levels

- World Rank table functions

- There is no need to connect to the Internet.


Download Halloween Nightmare apk Free 6.06 MB version 1.0.0

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