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GRAVITY: DON'T LET GO - a great game for android about the incredible space and the difficulties that may arise there. You will be just a few seconds before the disaster. The collapse will lead to a huge stream of debris that will damage the space station only in memory, unfortunately, killed all the crew members except those two, who at that time worked in the open space. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that while in the open space you are limited in the amount of oxygen and will be able to survive the big question.

Hundreds of miles above the home planet, the beauty is indescribable, despite the fact that life is not possible. The game is divided into several missions. For a start you can not get lost in the infinite space. After you need to repair damage to the station. The last mission is the professional management of the Chatelet, you have to avoid fatal collisions with debris, or - perish. It is important to note that in the performance of tasks set aside a certain time, because oxygen is very small, but sometimes it can be restored in the airlock station.

One of the key points is management skills in the vast space, with the condition that the oxygen level is too low. By using the right tactics, you must be lucky. The main thing - it's orientation in space and to calculate the inertia.

Stunning graphics, enjoy a three-dimensional model of space objects, where you still get a chance to look at our planet from the side. Lovely and beautiful picture you have on your mobile device. It is important to note that the game is completely understands Russian language, so you will have no difficulty understanding the rules and functions within the game.

Good luck!

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