Games and software on Android

Dwarven village: Dwarf fortress RPG is an android platform game that takes you to the kingdom of gnomes that the orcs invaded. Fighting with the orcs, you will restore the lost glory of the lands of the gnomes. You have to protect and develop the village of the dwarves. Working on a farm you can harvest and get the resources you need.

Jet knight is a game for android platform, in which you along with a brave knight will conquer high towers, which consist of many floors, each of which has an opening for passage to the top. You can control the knight's climbing higher and higher with the help of a jet pack, but do not forget to overcome obstacles

Doctor Who infinity is an android platform game in which you will go to the fantastic universe of Doctor Who, where you will find a new exciting adventure and encounters with dangerous enemies. In the confrontation with opponents you will help your mind and logic, because you have to solve logical problems. You will travel through

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. Champions - an exciting platform game for android, in which you can show yourself to be an outstanding commander, winning battles. You need to build a strong army of cards with images of champions, warriors, and spells, then choose your side in the confrontation of four factions.

Onitama: The strategy board game - game for the android platform, which will require you to logical thinking. Nontrivial rules of the game, which is conducted on a 5 by 5 cell board, are as follows. Each player has five pieces, including a master piece, and two random cards are drawn from the deck, with diagrams for moving the pieces.

Flood: Deep underwater crafting adventure is an android platform game in which you can explore the depths of the ocean, for which you will need to construct a bathyscaphe and go for underwater treasures, such as, for example, valuable minerals. Getting rich from the bottom of the ocean you can get rich

Wild west: Explore shoot trade is a fun game for the android platform, which invites you to become a pioneer, go to the Wild West, and get to his treasure. You can become a millionaire if you are in the business of extracting valuable minerals. To do this, open mines, hire personnel and mine gold, iron

Off-road desert edition 4? 4 - an exciting platform game for android, in which you will drive a powerful SUV, driving it to the limit, overcoming steep hillsides, desert sands and various obstacles. Do unthinkable jumps over the hills, but be careful not to crash your car.

Moy 6: The virtual pet game is a game for the android platform, having downloaded that you lodge in your device a cute funny creature that you need to constantly take care of - you have to feed it, not forgetting about delicacies, entertain, solve riddles and play mini-games, put to bed, train and train

Fusion of heroes - a game for the android platform, in which you need to show your inclinations of a strategist by moving heroes around the cells of the playing field and combining cards with heroes for gain. You need to assemble a squad of heroes and complete complex logical missions, crushing a strong enemy in battle.

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