Simulation Games for Android

Maggie's movies: Camera, action! - a game for the android platform in which Maggie, the main character, begins his journey in Hollywood as an assistant director, dreaming about the career of a famous director. But while, during the shooting of the film, Maggie must perform various tasks: to monitor the shooting process, to fulfill the whims of movie stars

Tank battle 3D: WW2 warfare is a game for android platform that will take you to the battlefield of World War II, where you, commanding a powerful tank, take part in large-scale tank battles. Your task - to carefully monitor the environment, so as to be the first to open fire on the enemy

6? 6 offroad truck driving simulator - a platform game for android that invites you to make an exciting extreme journey. Managing a powerful six-wheel car, you will perform various interesting tasks and missions, the performance of which will require you to drive skills

Emergency driver sim: City hero - a game for the android platform in which you will ensure order and security in a metropolis, managing different cars, firemen, policemen moving through the streets of the city, and carrying out important tasks for the life of the city. Managing a fire truck and arriving on time to the scene

Revolution offroad is a fascinating platform game for android, in which you will go on a trip over rough terrain, driving a steep jeep. Your ride promises to be extreme, because you will travel in different weather conditions along narrow mountain roads, overcome violent river currents

Cats house is a fun platform game for android, in which you can capture the whole world with the help of funny seals, filling them with your house. Seals have different characteristics that you can improve and develop. Feed them and put in front of them different tasks, for example, to hunt for sausage in the nearest shop

Horse simulator: Goat quest 3D. Animals simulator - a game for the android platform, which invites you to make an exciting, but not easy journey through the medieval world. It's not easy because you'll be doing it together with a strange horse that dreams of becoming a goat. In this case, the horse can fulfill his dream

School bus driver 2017 is a platform game for android in which you will become a professional bus driver, managing large school buses that you will have to lead different routes along busy roads and in time and safely deliver pupils to school. The required stops are marked by points on the route

Bethesda ® Pinball - a game for the android platform, made by the developers of the studio Zen Studios in the format of modern pinball. The developer is already known for games in this format, but this game can be regarded as a certain bonus for fans

4? 4 offroad jeep stunt - a dynamic game for the android platform, in which you will undergo extreme tests on off-road and on other routes. Managing a powerful SUV, you can ride through the desert, fields, city streets. Your task is to gain speed and get to the finish, avoiding collisions

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