Action Games for Android

Army kung fu master 2018: Shinobi karate fighting is a platform game for android, in which you can become a martial arts master, because you will manage a special forces soldier and take part in fights with other fighters, martial artists. Managing your fighter, you must use punches and kicks

Rings of anarchy - a game for the android platform, in which you have to save the world from the dark forces. To do this, you will fight with the army of demons and powerful bosses, using combat skills and magic. To win, you need to get 27 influential rings, each of which is hidden in a dangerous location and protected by a monster

Sword and magic is a game for android platform in which you have to defeat monsters, improve your character, explore the vast expanses, find true friends and take part in exciting adventures. In the game, military actions take place between gods and demons, so your task is to stop the forces of evil

Dynasty legends - a dynamic role-playing game on Android, in which you have to fight with many opponents, while you need to use all the possible skills of your hero and with their help to crush the enemies. Your legendary hero from the era of the Three Kingdoms, who went on the road to adventure and battles with enemies

Boxing: Fighting clash is a platform game for android in which you can win the champion belt by winning the boxing rounds. You have to fight with different rivals. Your boxer, which you will manage, you can choose among the famous boxers, each of which is individual

Chibi Survivor Weather Lord - excellent, but paid game for the android platform from the developers of the studio GameFirstMobile, made in the format of survival. Fans of this genre are familiar with how much effort you need to make to survive in almost extreme conditions and to equip your safe existence

Last planet: Survival and craft - a game for the android platform that will take you to a mysterious uninhabited planet, the secrets of which you have to uncover. In order to survive on a deserted planet, you need to harvest food, hunting for different animals and battling predators that inhabit the wild lands of the planet, as well as useful resources

Mount and blade: Warband is a platform game for android that will take you to the medieval kingdom of Kalradia. Traveling on horseback through the cities and villages of the kingdom, you will explore the medieval world, carry out tasks set by lords, fight with numerous enemies, meet with rulers of other countries and other

Iron blade: Medieval legends is a dynamic platform game for android in which you have to challenge the demon lord Baal, fighting with maniacs and demons, and stop the attack of dark forces. The Order of the Knights Templar has long been combating evil. Helping them, you can become a hero of ancient prophecy

Squad wars: Death division - a dynamic game for the Android platform, which invites you to take part in shooting competitions, where you are waiting for the intense firefights with arrows all over the world. Tournaments are organized by some bizarre billionaire. You have to destroy the enemy and win prizes. To escape from the fire

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