Arcade on Android

Lee vs the asteroids is a platform game for android, in which the main character again must save the world from destruction. In this case, destroy the planet will be asteroids and giant figures of space monsters. Your task is to press the screen in time, so that the main character can get to dangerous objects. The character possesses destructive

ForFun: Funny memes, jokes, GIFs and PICs is a new application for the android platform, in which thousands of users every day add exceptional funny jokes, best gifki and memes. Using the application, you can not only watch, but also evaluate, comment and share jokes with friends

Skater: Let's skate is a fun and dynamic platform game for android that invites you to an exciting journey through cities, mountains and other beautiful locations. Your task is to manage the skateboarder, who rushes speedily on his skateboard to levels filled with obstacles. By tapping the screen at the right time

Rabbids Arby's rush is a platform game for android, in which the main character, a mad rabbit, must collect a lot of special coins, for which he can buy fuel to go to the moon. Your task is to control a rabbit running through the shopping center and other locations where it needs to bypass the vending machines

Hodl bitcoin: Billionaire is an exciting platform game for android, in which you can become a millionaire. For this purpose, by touching the screen lightly, you will be able to control the bitcoy rate. Clicking on the screen will allow the bitcoat to jump and destroy the trend lines, and you can invest money in any crypto currency, while controlling its rate

Need a hero free - a game for the android platform in which the evil baron kidnapped the princess, and the king is looking for a hero who will defeat the villain and free the princess from confinement. Your task - to lead the hero through confusing levels and defeat the insidious enemies, fulfilling the instructions of the king. Locations, according to which your hero must pass

Idle miner: Zombie survival is a platform game for android, in which, perhaps for the first time, you will learn the benefits of a zombie apocalypse. You have to manage your own mine, which will work, who do you think is going to work? Of course a zombie. By extracting valuable resources with their help, you will become a real millionaire

Oggy and the cockroaches go: World of racing - a platform game for android, in which the characters of the popular cartoon Oggi and Cucaracha participate in automobile racing. Your task is to hold the cat Auggie on the tracks and win the race, breaking all the obstacles and outwitting the pesky cockroaches who try in every way to prevent Auggi

Lampy: Color jump is a platform game for android in which you can test your reflexes, because you will lead a funny character that also glows, through complex levels filled with various traps and obstacles. Your task is to press the screen in time, so that your hero jumps, overcomes obstacles and collects bonuses

Runaway toad - a fun game for the android platform, in which you will manage the movements of a funny green toad. The fact is that the hero of the game - the prince - wanted to live quietly in the swamp, the princess so much wants to find the prince that she is ready to kiss all the toads and frogs. Our cheerful toad has no choice but to escape

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