Arcade on Android

Jungle adventures 3 is a game for the android platform, in which the main character, Addu, goes in search of food. Your task is to help him collect fruits and defeat enemies, jumping from platform to platform. You need to lead the hero in different locations and use his exclusive data to defeat enemies

Ben 10: Alien run is an android platform game in which you will control the movement of Ben Tennyson, the main character and the popular cartoon character. Ben runs in different locations, such as city streets, dungeons, forest paths. Ben has exceptional abilities to use to overcome obstacles.

Don't trip! - a fun game for the android platform, in which, by controlling the walk, you will learn to walk again. To control the movement, you will need thumbs to rotate the device. With your thumbs, you can rearrange different shoes, choosing the right direction of movement.

Soul chase: Retro action pixel platformer is an android platform game built on an interesting plot, in which the main character, a brave knight, was cursed by an evil witch. The curse is that the knight cannot sleep, because during sleep his soul leaves the body. But every night the knight falls asleep, and in the morning he has to catch up with the escaped soul

Flip bounce is an android platform game in which you will get acquainted with dexterous athletes who jump on a trampoline and are able to perform various acrobatic stunts. Each athlete has a unique appearance, characteristics peculiar only to him and a set of tricks. Your task is to skillfully manage character jumps.

Coal burnout: Race the steam! - a game for the android platform, which will take you to the heyday of steam technology, where you will manage your locomotive, accelerating it to maximum speed, in order to quickly go the distance and be the first among rivals. The engine runs on coal, which must be thrown into the furnace

Vacation hotel stories is an android platform game in which you will go on vacation and enjoy your vacation. You will stay in comfortable rooms of an excellent family hotel, the staff will give you tea and you can eat in the restaurant. You are waiting for interesting excursions, entertainment in the pool and amusement park

Restless hero: Pixel art dungeon adventure - an interesting game for the android platform, in which you need to take the main character Rick through the inhospitable halls, dungeons and corridors of the mysterious castle to save his beloved girlfriend. Levels are filled with enemies that you need to fight, using the skills of the hero

Julie's sweets is an android platform game in which the main character Julie cannot fully decide what to do in the future - go to college or help parents in the family business, namely in a restaurant, taking it to a new level. Your task is to cook delicious meals with Julie and serve restaurant customers

Super slime Ben - a dynamic platform game for android, in which you have to lead the hero higher and higher, overcoming obstacles and defeating the treacherous slime. Quite difficult levels that need to be carried out by alien superheroes are full of traps and dangers, such as, for example, disappearing blocks or laser beams.

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