Countdown Anniversary


Countdown Anniversary - an application for the Android platform, which is a countdown before the scheduled date. This date is displayed in the widget. To set up, such as your birthday, you need to enter the proper date, ie, day, month and year, the year is needed for the application to determine how much did you celebrate the birthday (if you will forget about it!).

This application can also be used as a diary for planning affairs, because you can take notes and set reminders. The application supports Android OS version 2.2 or higher. It incorporated the following features:

- The creation of schedules. In order to create a schedule, you must press the "Create New", enter a name for the schedule, set the date, select a category from the "anniversary", "birthday" or "important day", and then save

- Editing and deleting. You must be created in the table and select the desired function - "edit" or "delete"

- Organizing and viewing bookmarks. Bookmarks few - "All" here you can view all the events in the list; "Anniversary", tells you how many days are left until the next anniversary and what has already passed; "Birthday" tells you how many days are left until the next birthday and how old will celebrate the birthday (if entered the year); "An important day" shows how many days before he left.

Download Countdown Anniversary apk Free 1.31 MB version 1.0.2

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