Widget Spirit of Christmas - The Spirit of the New Year


The spirit of the New Year - will soon Christmas and New Year. Want to know how many days until those of favorite holidays? Check this Christmas widget on my handheld on Android, and it will count the remaining days.

And if you want to know how many hours and minutes it, click on the widget set. Information (in English, but it is understood) is accompanied by a Christmas melody that will bring a holiday in your mood. You can configure the appropriate holidays picture, such as, for example, Christmas wreath or stocking for gifts, elegant Christmas tree or a snowman, as well as the Grinch who stole Christmas in the film. In addition, the game provides the ability to set the animation that appears when you click.

And in the application, there is an opportunity to make a wish! Indeed, in the New Year that miracles are wrought, and wishes come true! To do this, in the application, press the "Make a Wish", enter it, and an hour later get an answer. On the one hand, not to be taken lightly, because it's a game, and everything is done for fun, on the other hand ... if you believe in miracles, they come true!



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