Media Utilities


Media Utilities - is a set of widgets, Tasker plug-ins and updates for your media player on Android, which are designed to simplify your life by integrating and automatic detection of existing music applications.

Widgets. Media Utilities provides you with more than 10 widgets that are configured according to your musical tastes, from Pandora to show Spotify information, namely, track, artist and album of a product, as well as CoverArt. In the configuration includes: the background color (or transparent gradient); color and width of the borders; several skins to suit your taste; time; and the ability to show or hide the buttons as you need.

Notifications: Using Media Utilities can manage notifications that automatically monitor the current multimedia application. The special features of the notice include: customizable buttons; automatically shows the moment at which begins to play music application; customized for your specific needs; can be used for applications that are not equipped with automatic control, such as Pandora.

Download Media Utilities apk Free 1.53 MB version 0.0.152

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