KM Plasticine widgets Lite


KM Plasticine widgets Lite - great and little cartoon widgets on Android. Our first new collection of widgets clay widget will decorate your mobile device.

The collection is presented masterpieces of the following:
- Weather widget - great analog clock;
- Weather widget - beautiful digital clock;
- Weather widget - battery widget, including the battery, while the battery has four colors;
- Weather widget - great widget switches;
- Analog clock widget, which are presented from plasticine and arrows and dials;
- Analog clock widget, there is a setting in which an analog clock, as with a second hand, and without it;
- Digital clock widget

In which there are n
Adjusting the color of the frame;
- Digital clock widget in which the settings displays digits;

There are wonderful internal expansion:

1. gorgeous
additional analog clock;

2. analog clock in the form of a button;
3. analog clock fun scrambled;
4. analog clock - cheerful Service;
5. analog clock - sensual heart;
6. analog clock - juicy watermelon;
7. analog clock - a heavy weight;
8. analog clock - Earth;
9. analog clock - tasty raspberries;
10. analog clock - the warm sun;
11. analog clock - great fish;
12. widget switches

- Fast p
Mode of flight;
13. widget switches - Bluetooth;
14. widget switches - sync;
15. widget switches - Wi-Fi;
16. widget switches - GPS;
17. widget switches

And also, we have not forgotten fans of the series Live wallpapers from plasticine.

Enjoy and let your mobile the most original and unique.

Download KM Plasticine widgets Lite apk Free 5.08 MB version 1.0.10

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