Battery Widget Reborn (Beta)


Battery Widget Reborn (Beta) - a great battery widget for Android that displays the information you need. It should be noted that the Battery Widget Reborn (Beta) is the highest information content of the main. Great looks notification, the information display can be set to the smallest detail.

Battery Widget Reborn (Beta) has the features of:

1. excellent indicator of the battery
the shape of circle

2. can maintain the internal and external battery dock (for Asus Transformer).

3. complete information about the battery

4. there are shortcuts to the battery consumption

5. form to the setting of the text in the notification area

6. independent switching to airplane mode at night to save battery life.

7. statistics of the total battery consumption.

8. Holo great interface for all mobile devices (Android 2.3 +).

9. there is support for the discharge step of 1% for devices Motorola.

It is important to note that the benefit is the user-friendly interface and a great look, a fairly wide range of appearance.


Download Battery Widget Reborn (Beta) apk Free 5.27 MB version 1.8.0/BE

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