SEASONAL Live Wallpaper


SEASONAL Live Wallpaper - incredible live wallpaper for Android with all the pores of the year. Stunning seasons only on the screen of your mobile device. Stunning and fabulous seasons, including snowy and frosty Christmas and New Year, a Halloween night magic, warm and golden autumn, exciting summer sea, spiritual and wonderful Easter spring landscape.

Let us examine each.

Easter live wallpaper (Easter Live Wallpaper). Already familiar to us

Easter eggs, wonderful
Easter Bunny and only you. Good and kind to you Easter.

Series spring live wallpaper (Spring Live Wallpaper). Warm and lovely spring has come, and on your mobile device. Spectacular spring landscapes with cute little house in a deep lake and colorful - flowering trees. Feel juicy spring rain of petals, with light pressing anywhere on the screen. Pleasant surprise would be parallel backgrounds that moving parallel to each other decorations. By installing these wallpapers, you are guaranteed a spring mood.

Stunning Christmas and New Year
live wallpaper
NEW YEAR LIVE WALLPAPER). Before you open s
imnyaya scene
Christmas celebration. You will see and
Christmas trees and lights, and a snowman that you will count the time until the
Christmas and wonderful
beautiful snowflakes. You can enjoy the beautiful Christmas wallpaper with
count. Happy Christmas and
cheerful New Year to you guaranteed.

Wonderful Winter

live wallpaper
ER). Before you open the wonderful winter landscapes
. Cute and funny snowman, cozy
fireplace, great and mighty snow-capped mountains, and cold soft snowflakes, winter lovely atmosphere on the screen of your mobile device.
Install gorgeous live wallpaper with snow in the winter.


live wallpaper
(Halloween Live Wallpaper). Enjoy a bit of witchcraft
atmosphere, which is filled with horror and pleasant dark secrets. Also, you can play
and you will see how beautiful they shine in temnote.Umnye
pumpkins, magic house
haunted, against which
fall leaves, thick fog and
rain. Lovely fabulous holiday


live wallpaper
(Autumn Live Wallpaper). Incredible live wallpaper that will give you the atmosphere warm and golden autumn, magic coloring of all nature in gold paint. All nature and adorned with gold, all the trees and bushes, easy drizzling rain fall and already tired golden leaves. You have the power to make gold leaf under slight pressure on your screen.

Running live wallpaper (Summer Live Wallpaper). Wonderful time of the year the summer, enjoy a sunny summer wallpaper on the screen of your mobile device. Positive colorful wallpaper. Lovely and warm blue waves of the Gulf, the golden sand of the sea, sailing on the waves of light, lush palm trees and a sun lounger with a cool shade. Incredible atmosphere and endless summer fun. You can watch the sunset and magical and captivating sunrise, hot day and warm enveloping night. Install stunning live wallpaper and enjoy.

It should be noted that these live wallpapers are able to change their colors depending on the time of day. When evening comes, you can observe the changes of colors, showing what happens in nature. Nature has all the times are good, whether it is rain, or snow, or it is a warm spring morning, or it's a hot summer day.

To be able to configure the right you go to the settings (Settings), and select the live wallpaper season, which is closer to you in the mood.

SEASONAL live wallpaper has features:
1. The incredible combination of all seasons in one application
2. Application can

change the time of day

3. Wallpaper - and
4. Has a parallax-scrolling and scrolling

5. Has scrolling live wallpaper also works on Samsung Galaxy S 3 and HTC Sense
6. Has support for Tablet and HD thinning



Download SEASONAL Live Wallpaper apk Free 3.94 MB version 1.9.1

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