Eastern Garden Live Wallpaper


Eastern Garden Live Wallpaper - incredible and stunning live wallpaper on your Android, which will decorate the screen of your mobile device. Only you can experience the mysterious and dreamlike world of the East. Mesmerizing nature, which reduce heart to the lungs colic.

Stunning scenery, great mountains, mirror lakes, menacing volcanoes and sparkling waterfalls are all here, this world of the East, it's landscapes of Japan and China. Incredible picture of the fabulous rock garden with a pond and a bohemian magic fountains. A very close, far fly air lanterns. Incredible fragrance floating in the air on the coast.

Only on the screen of your mobile device focused all the beauty of the East and a little Garden of Eden. Such live wallpaper on Android undoubtedly will decorate your mobile device. An incredible amount of settings and special effects only complement incredible and without it, the plot.

It is important to note that this app is completely free, so there is a bit of advertising, which is represented by the official partners of Google, which is perfectly safe for your mobile device.

Eastern Garden Live Wallpaper has the characteristics:
1. Incredible sky 8 species of your choice
2. Stunning and light Chinese lanterns, with the ability to customize their number, size, and even the speed of their flight
3. Airy clouds, with the possibility of setting
4. Fabulous fresh flowers of sakura, with the ability to customize their number and size

5. Fabulous and juicy leaf, with the ability to customize their number and size
6. Deep - dark leaves, configurable defoliation
7. Has the ability to open your settings only when you double touch
8. Has the reaction to your touch: gravity (magnet) or antigravity
9. Has a customizable horizontal scrolling.

Installed on your desktop so you need: Desk → Programs → Settings → Display → Wallpapers → Home screen and lock screen wallpaper interactive → → East Garden Live Wallpaper

Eastern Garden Live Wallpaper has the features:
1. Soft and very smooth animation based on OpenGL ES 3D graphics and
2. Present battery saving, sleep mode when the screen is off
3. Support can support all sizes and ratios screens
4. Has support for HD phones, smartphones, tablets
5. Has support for landscape and portrait screen orientation.



Download Eastern Garden Live Wallpaper apk Free 10.31 MB version 1.0.1

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