Love Globe Live Wallpaper Free


Love Globe Live Wallpaper Free - incredible and touching live wallpaper for android. Only on your mobile device screen stunning live wallpaper which will envelop you a great sense of love. A beautiful painting that will decorate your mobile device. This application includes a variety of images of love, romance, dreams, passionate emotion.

Make your mobile original, decorated with bright backgrounds HD. To choose your favorite color of the wallpaper, your choice of pink, green, yellow, lavender, red, purple, gold, blue, rainbow colors, bokeh.

You can put the magic in a glass bowl, namely

Scarlet roses with
pearl engagement ring
velvet box
beautiful fluffy white bear with
a big red heart, attractive gift heart
wicker wooden basket
couple plush toy bear with family
drum and
heart, s
amechatelny wreath
wildflowers with
white roses,
amazing in vitreous
heart shaped box with
jelly candies with
iyayuschee with a heart of gold
two wedding rings, w
velirnaya velvet box with
bow and
flower on
tape, n
olosataya box
candies and
striped cap. Great live wallpaper will be awesome decoration of your mobile device.

With a lovely ball of love, play all your free time.

Only pleasant emotions await you when using this application. The application will fill you with a sense of romanticism and heat. An incredible amount of pictures for your entertainment such as


It is important to note that the free version is fully functional completely.

Full (Pro) version includes:

there are lovely
pre-installed themes - their

2. cute animated particles hearts - their

3. incredible
juicy backgrounds - their

4. lovely

furnishing elements for a photo - their

5. prisutsvtuet

colors for animated particles heart, flower, circle, star, dandelion, and clouds

6. have the ability to adjust the speed, quantity, size, time and weight of the particles
7. a tremendous amount of possible combinations
8. there is support for both portrait and landscape mode.

Download Great

HD, setting the desktop of your mobile device. Can opt for a pleasing story and send as postcard Day
Valentine's Day. A recipient can really appreciate your virtual, but creative gift. You can use them for
dating, relationships, wedding or even a marriage proposal

Absolutely, your significant other will appreciate this romantic act. Pleasantly surprise your loved ones. There is a great opportunity to keep the peace in your love Valentine Gallery, using it as a background image, and you can share it as a postcard to family and friends via email or social networks.

Put the ball of love you can feel a piece of warmth and joy. The annex is a beautiful and changeable backgrounds, incredibly attractive romance Valentine pictures and landscapes. Ask yourself the question, romantic or not. If so, then this app is for you.

These wallpapers are suitable for mobile devices that support live wallpaper for android. and you get the best effect on the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2,

3, Sony Xpreria Z, HTC One, Asus Transformer, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Moto X / Moto G, LG Nexus and above.


Download Love Globe Live Wallpaper Free apk Free 6.07 MB version 1.0.3

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