Thor: The Dark World LWP

Program Wallpaper live wallpaper


Thor: The Dark World LWP - incredible live wallpaper on Android in a fantastic Asgard. Awesome, spectacular scenery on the screen of your mobile device. The protagonist Thor with his hammer will be the main picture screen of your mobile device.

Get close to a fantastic, feel yourself a part of Asgard with stunning live wallpaper from the movie Thor 2. Incredible movie, awesome story, decorate your mobile device.

Colorful picture appears before you on the screen of your mobile device, and then discharges and bright lightning flash, just as the battery is charged and all subsides when the energy runs out.

And when the charge is close to zero, the hammer of Thor will turn red and Almighty Thor remind you that the phone needs to be charged.

For a more colorful story, you can buy the full version that you add a lot more options. Here you will appreciate the animated 3D model of Valiant Thor and undefeated in his glittering costume. Touching the screen, Thor dutifully lowered his hammer on the ground.

Live wallpapers are able to show that it is a new message that was missed call, SMS. It is possible to unlock premium clock widget that I can display the time and weather, voicing her voice very Torah, the son of Odin.



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