Doggy DJ Live Wallpaper


Doggy DJ Live Wallpaper - Very funny live wallpaper for Android devices in the disco with a funny little dog wearing sunglasses. Our dog DJ sitting on vinyl, and if you touch the screen, it still barks.

By double clicking you can run setup, and with their help, you can control the speed of animation, turn on and off the sound application. The application supports multiple languages ​​such as English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese. And also support mandatory developer wallpaper.

In order to set the wallpaper Doggy DJ Live Wallpaper, you will need to: Download and Install => Run the application icon
Download and Install => Desktop => Press Menu => Set wallpaper => Live Wallpapers => Select "Doggie DJ"

Live Wallpaper Doggy DJ Live Wallpaper free for users to use, but they contain ad units. All requested application permissions are only required to display advertising, to be sure, personal data are not used anywhere.

Download Doggy DJ Live Wallpaper apk Free 1.08 MB version 1.0.1

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