Halloween Kittens Live Wallpaper


Halloween Kittens Live Wallpaper - a stunning live wallpaper for Android with cute kittens and mystical theme of Halloween. Cute and touching kittens hiding behind colorful pumpkins and winking eyes.

Halloween Kittens Live Wallpaper has the features:

1. Halloween can change the seal by pressing twice

2. Long press the launching settings

3. can adjust the speed of the animation

4. speaks several languages: English, German, French, ispans
s, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese

5. it is important to note that there is support for the developer.

You must use this: Download and Install => Run the application icon or by downloading and installing => Desktop => Press Menu => Set Wallpaper => Live Wallpapers => Select "Halloween Kittens"

It is important to note that this application runs on
framework, AndEngine, spread over the
license LGPL.

graphical elements that have been used are
freely available on the
Internet and
in the public domain. In
You own the copyright on
Some of
these items, please contact
us and
remove them

Appendix Halloween Kittens Live Wallpaper free for use and
proliferation but
small ad-supported. All necessary permits for displaying advertisements, no personal information is not


Download Halloween Kittens Live Wallpaper apk Free 1.04 MB version 1.0

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