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OXON LWAircraft HD or OXON Aircraft live wallpaper) - incredible, very colorful animated live wallpaper for Android. Gorgeous scenery on the screen of your mobile device will make it original and unique. Fantastic picture with the sunset in the background of a soft cloudy sky. This application has two versions of live wallpaper, such as: FREE version and PRO version.

Aircraft HD Live Wallpapers carries only one theme, but it is incredible. Landscape wallpaper shows us both the urban sunset background periodically plane touches down, looking at the image is 2-dimensional, there is a great perspective effect. The use of moving objects can change as close to reality image to make it more interesting. Download for free without ads and viruses. By purchasing the paid version, you will have ample opportunity and a great number of visual themes.

Spectacular landscapes of various cities in the
background of the six themes of the sky. It is important to note that
PRO version has a variety of types of aircraft that fly in
Heaven and
asking for landing on
the screen of your mobile device. Manually specify the desired theme. Choose aircraft, define their own planting interval, city, backgrounds, and can vklyuchayt
disable animation layers. Also can control the aircraft using the accelerometer
- All in
PRO vyersii live wallpaper.

Aircraft HD
Live Wallpapers has the features:

1. No advertising

2. no viruses

3. support the majority of mobile devices

4. incredible design

5. gorgeous HD graphics

6. animation layers

7. HD display.

The Pro version has features:

1. supports most mobile devices

2. incredible two main themes

7. Colorful 6 color themes

8. landscape of cities such as Paris, Shanghai, Sydney, Vancouver

9. make stops in three main types of aircraft

10. several types of planes soaring

11. can adjust the speed of the clouds

12. accelerometer to control the aircraft

13. incredible design

14. great graphics HD

15. turn on and off layers of animation

16. speaks Russian and English

17. HD display.



Download Aircraft HD Live Wallpapers apk Free 2.66 MB version 1.0

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