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Space City Free 3D LWP (OXON LWDreams 3D or OXON live wallpaper) - a stunning live wallpaper for Android in gorgeous colors and modern big world. Incredible landscape of avant-garde style and colorful flowers. Quite clearly describe such live wallpaper is not possible. Interlocking style, color and many other exciting forms. Absolutely magical wallpaper that correspond to its name - a dream, a dream.

Only your choice of five dynamic camera, and in each of them there are two parallel animation. The first animation is a motion, and the second is an animation of swinging, which can be turned off at will. Incredible scenery, which might want to consider using the details on the menu item called "View". This function shows us close-ups of a particular object, with a swinging animation. Also for your exclusive gift - the "automatic camera motion", and for the most elegant option of an accelerometer, why not control the movement of the camera by tilting the phone!

Stunning on the choice of the theme as the day and night, with those settings allow you to automatically switch between day and night, where the day begins at 8:00 am, and the evening at 20:00.

It is impossible not to pay attention to the structure of the colorful wallpaper, where the main color of the solution is determined by the color fuchsia, in addition you can change the bright colors on a soft, that will change your background image on the monotonous. A great feature that lets you turn off the special effects, namely, the sun, the light in lanterns, fireflies.

Fantastic live 3D wallpapers that will make your mobile device and colorful original.

Space City Free 3D LWP is able to:

- incredible 3D!

- Supports many mobile devices

- Supports HD and FULL HD displays for mobile devices

- An excellent design

- Mode of the active camera

- Gorgeous graphics and textures of excellent quality

- Able to scroll the screen for Samsung and other

- A great feature for quick access menu

- Support for installation on SD card

- Change the time of day

- Sepia and black white mode.

- 5 5 animated cameras and camera views

- The ability to control light effects

- Accelerometer

- Automatic camera movement

- Knowledge of English and Russian languages.



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