Download for free strategy rpg On Android

Lazy Master  is a game for the android platform, which is a kaleidoscope of different new events and does not require much of your time. According to the plot, the forbidden book falls into the hands of an evil and ambitious magician, so the world will need a hero who can oppose evil forces. You have the opportunity to choose your hero from 120 available

Stellar Hunter  is a game for the android platform, which has plot inserts that tell a game story. Your character, a survivor of a space shipwreck, travels with you to different planets. Locations are designed as separate planets, and movement takes place in real time with a top view

Guardian of games - a game for android platform, it brings you to the world of games that you have to save, assembled a team of heroes. At levels of fantastic game you are waiting for exciting adventures and battles with treacherous monsters and powerful bosses. To defeat evil and the powerful bosses, you can enter into alliances with other players