Download for free role-playing On Android

Masquerade: The faceless - a game for android platform, which in a fantasy world offers endless battles against monsters and powerful bosses. Your superhero them in game three, has exceptional ability, a unique fighting style, he is very strong and armed with their own specific weapons

Aurcus online: The chronicle of Ellicia - game for android platform, where you have to battle with a variety of monsters to defend the kingdom and does not give you the world plunge into darkness. Your hero has exceptional properties that can be applied with one touch of the screen

Oath of Genesis - game for android platform, which will get you together with the main character in the depths of exciting adventures. Your task is to eliminate the evil and save the village from the invasion of ferocious wolves. You have to perform many different exciting missions and tasks, one of which is

Hero needs a weapon - a game for android platform, where you have to build your city and ensure its protection from evil forces with the help of brave heroes, which you fit a weapons and items of equipment, its own production. In addition to the construction of special buildings and structures, you need to create bows

Line: Dragonica mobile - platform game for Android in which you will feel like a brave knight, omnipotent magician or a cunning thief, depending on what kind of main character you choose, because each of them has its own style of play and the exceptional characteristic of only this I mean characters abilities