Download for free quest from the first person On Android

The Eyes of Ara is a beautiful game for the android platform, made in the genre of the first-person quest in which you have to unravel the secrets of the old abandoned castle and the history of its former owners. A dilapidated building holds many secrets, treasures and dangerous traps. The mystery of the ancient castle and its owners is associated with mysticism and paranormal phenomena

Escape game: The Anthurium - a game for the android platform, for the game you need observation, ingenuity and logical abilities, because you have to get out of the old house, full of secrets and mysteries. You have to find keys, clues and useful items, as well as make every effort

Layers of fear: Solitude - an unusual game for the Android platform, where you have to do research. You will learn step by step the old mansion mad artist in order to find the cause of his madness. You will go into the different rooms of the house, opening closed doors and find fragments of stories and tips, from which you will be able to lay down a picture of what happened. You can not go back