Download for free puzzle adventure On Android

Clumsy Wimp - Great arcade puzzle on Android that can brighten up your leisure. Your role - Home, you have to play in role eternally dissatisfied snails that craves entertainment and adventure. You yourself in mysterious world, who fall through a magical portal.

Tiny Thief Lite - an exciting, driving game for Android, which will give you an unforgettable experience. Try to play the game, which leads among adventure game from Rovio absolutely free! Playing like a wide audience, leaving only the positive and pleasant emotions.

Stack Rabbit - Rabbit incredible adventure on Android. The official application Disney in Russian. The incredible puzzle game from the creators of "crocodile Swamp" and the company's Disney, which make you think they do not get caught into the clutches of a severe Max, who lives on a farm.

HE4: Devil's Triangle - wonderful colorful toy - a puzzle on Android, which promises an unforgettable adventure. Jump behind the wheel of a submarine and go on a journey in search of the secret of the island Devil, which is where - is lost in the Bermuda Triangle.