Download for free puzzle 3 in a row On Android

Blyss - game for android platform, created by developers ZPLAY games studios in the genre combined the principle of games "three in a row." Game from the start will make your gray matter moving, because you run into difficulties. The essence of the game is that you need to devote either horizontally or vertically tiles to remove them.

Ghost poppers - game for android platform, in which you have to clear the city of captivated his funny ghosts using their ability to think logically. To destroy as many ghosts, rearrange them in such a way that, out of them long rows, then they will explode and you will get a reward

Cupcake Mania: Moscow - a game for android platform in the genre of "three in a row" from the creators of the popular gaming projects "Hunt for gems" and Bubble Mania ™, which will plunge you into the world of sweets Moscow. The main character, a voracious sweet tooth bear Bruno, travel around the world, was in Moscow

Flowers bloom match - a beautiful game for android platform, in which a lot of colorful flowers. You have to combine the same color in groups of three or more to remove them from the playing field. To find and connect the same color, you will have to demonstrate their abilities of logical thinking and observation

Millionaire pop - game "three in a row" for the android platform, in which you will create a series of three or more identical coins arranged in hexagonal cells of the playing field. Forming a combination of coins, you can become a millionaire and the richest player if you connect

Magical Christmas - a game for the Android platform on the theme of the upcoming Christmas holiday magnificent. According to the plot of the game in a fantasy world are actively preparing for Christmas when Santa Claus fills his sleigh many different gifts. The game was created in the genre of three in a row

3 Candy: Winter Tale - an exciting game for the Android platform, made ​​in the genre of "three in a row", can create a fantastic atmosphere wonderful holidays of Christmas and New Year. In it you will find a lot of adventures. Going through the levels, you need to collect Christmas candy

Magic kitchen 2 - a game for the Android platform in the genre of "three in a row," where you have to form rows of 3 or more identical fruits, rearranging their positions. Rows of fruit will explode and disappear. Thus, you will help the inhabitants of fairyland defeat the villain. Each location at which your trip will take place

- Playing "three in a row" for the platform in which the playing field is filled with different sweets. Your challenge is that of the colorful candies to form rows of three or more identical chocolates

Miracle: In the world of fairy tales. Match 3 - the game "three in a row" for the Android platform in which you swap colorful gems, making rows of 3 or more identical stones. Each of the locations in which you will be traveling, dedicated to one of the most popular and beloved fairy tales