Download for free logic puzzles On Android

Color picture - an exciting game for the android platform. Performing interesting tasks, you will appreciate its artistic and creative abilities, because you have to fill in the colors of white space to create a beautiful picture with it as quickly as possible

Drop tale - an exciting game for the Android platform, where you have a minimum number of moves to get to the small droplets to the finish line - the red leaves. The levels on which you need to move the droplet, which, incidentally, can change its state, built of square tiles

Clover charms - game for android platform, which invites you to travel to the magical land - clover kingdom, home to fun and funny leprechauns, unicorns and other remarkable citizens. You have to clear the playing field of multi-colored leaf clover, connecting the leaves of the same color by a continuous line

Escape addiction: 20 levels - game for android platform, which requires you to observation and logical thinking. You will find yourself in a big house, where you will need to get out of a closed room by searching the hidden keys and other items and solving puzzles. To perform logical tasks

Amaranthine voyage: The obsidian book. Collector's edition - the game for the android platform that takes you into the magical land and permafrost Iceland. According to the scene one mad scientist decided to dominate the world and stole a team of scientists who explored the field of some unsolved minerals