Download for free interactive On Android

Particle Constellations - colorful interactive wallpaper. The built-in program generates particles and connects them with lines. You can choose any color and form a unique pattern

Fantasy sakura LWP - unusual live wallpaper on the Android device in the style of fantasy, with beautiful sakura. With the settings you can customize the wallpaper as you like. Wallpapers Fantasy sakura LWP react to touch, have a smooth animation and energy saving mode

Spring by Pro live wallpapers - incredibly beautiful spring live wallpaper, with stunning scenery, which will give you the feeling of approaching spring. With the application can be controlled using a simple configuration. Living wallpapers react to the touch

Spring snowdrop Live Wallpaper - a very beautiful spring live wallpaper on Android, with beautiful snowdrops, looking out of the snow. Live Wallpaper is sure to become a decoration for your desktop screen, and a variety of settings to help transform your exactly the way you want the mobile device

Himawari-8 Live Wallpaper - an incredible live wallpaper on Android, with a view of the planet earth with Japanese satellite Himawari-8. Very beautiful sight, especially in near real time as is updated every 10 minutes, and sometimes delayed up to 30 minutes

Star Live Wallpaper - incredibly beautiful live wallpaper on Android, with the image of a shooting star. With this application you can often make a wish, because you have to bude screen shooting stars

Seashell by Memory lane - a beautiful live wallpaper on the Android device, featuring a seashell lying on the bottom of the sea waves. Appendix interactive, reacts to touch, it has a smooth animation and does not consume battery power

Sunset spring - very beautiful live wallpaper on Android, with the image of a spring sunset. Spring is coming soon, and feel it with these wonderful wallpaper and enjoy the fabulous scenery and sunsets