Download for free hobbies On Android

Dog Repellent Pro - Are you afraid of dogs? With this application it is now not a problem, you can be sure that no dog will not come to you.

Talking Tom Cat - one of the most popular iPhone applications now available for Android. Talking Tom Cat - Seal your home, which responds to the touch, you can grab the tail, hit in the stomach or the pat on the head. Kitty repeats everything you said its a funny voice. You can send video with Tom on YouTube / Facebook or email.

Love Calculator - a great application for Android, which invites us to check the compatibility of two people based on onomastics (the study of names), and astrology.

Womens Day - March 8 - A great set of postcards for the Day March 8. In a set of 30 cards.

Augmented Lightsaber - For fans of Star Military! Jedi Lightsaber. This version fixed a problem with the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V.

How to be a ninja - Want to know the secret of the ninja! This feature is you now have! This program is for everyone who wants to become a ninja!

Justin Bieber Photobooth - This application is very like the fans of Justin Bieber.

How to French Kiss - A great app for those who want to learn how to kiss for the French.

Enigme King - a very large collection of puzzles for the platform Android gadgets.

Handwriting Analysis lite - very interesting program for handwriting analysis can reveal some information about a person!