Download for free games for children On Android

Wheelie 7: Detective - game for android platform, in which the protagonist - is a fun car Willie, who wants to track down the gang-robbers car. Going to the bank, and after witnessing a robbery, Willie goes on the trail of thieves. To catch criminals, look along with Willie clues, hints and objects

Pet world: Wildlife Africa - game for android platform, which will take you to Africa where you will manage a large reserve, by placing the animals in spacious enclosures, taking care of their comfort and vet, treating and caring for sick animals and searching every pet a new caring hosts

Bob the builder: Build city - a game for android platform, in which you become a foreman, and will manage Bob and his team in carrying out construction work. You have to build a variety of buildings and structures, as well as management of construction equipment - cranes, excavators

Cows vs sheep: Mower mayhem - game for android platform, in which you will manage a rare mower and together with space cows who came to earth to take away the grass from the insidious reason sheep will wreak havoc and destruction. With the mower you will mow the grass everywhere - in parks

Disney Magic Kingdoms - a game for android platform from the developer Gameloft's, which is a mixture of several genres such as arcade, adventure, turn-based strategy. And all this seasoned economies. Children - are the target audience of this project, and got into the magical world of Disney

Christmas tree decoration - a great Christmas game for kids on Android. Your child will need to dress up a Christmas tree. To do this, select the type of toys to choose the very toy and simply drag it to the tree. With this game your children develop imagination, creativity, motor skills.

Funny Animals - Awesome app on Android, which will introduce you and Your kids with incredible world of animals. You are here find pictures with smart a variety of interesting animals that inhabit familiar environment for themselves.

Halloween Pumpkins - a great game on Android for the children to develop memory. Have fun with the wonderful orange pumpkins for Halloween on the screen of your mobile device. Great game, which is suitable for those kids whose parents want to develop their memory.

Fun Spanish Learning Games - learning Spanish for children - A terrific and simply necessary to today's time program Android to learn Spanish. Absolutely amazing, unique and Proven Program learning Spanish for children.

Fun English Learning Games - English language training for children - is awesome and a must in today's time on the program android to learn English. Absolutely amazing, unique and proven program to study English for children.