Download for free education On Android

Word of the day - an application for the Android platform, containing a dictionary, which will competently and correctly use vocabulary of the language, because it often happens that we misunderstand or simply do not know the meaning of a word. The application will not get into a situation kazusnuyu when the word is used or interpreted incorrectly

Fixico. Go to school! - An exciting educational game for children on Android, which together with their favorite characters cartoon they develop attention and reaction, logic and spatial reasoning

GDZ - great app for students now for mobile devices based on Android. In this application you will find all the solutions of homework for all school subjects

Kids Connect the Dots Xmas - A wonderful holiday and very addictive game Android. Enjoy an unforgettable adventure with Your kids.

Listening. English - excellent, and most importantly the application on the Android. This application will give you the opportunity to teach English, and most importantly the correct listening comprehension.