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Field Trip - convenient and useful application for android platform game from the creator of Pokemon Go Niantic, Inc, The application is designed for travelers and will be very useful for those who find themselves in an unfamiliar city and do not know where to go. By the way, the application was the basis of the said games

Countries of the world - A remarkable application for Android, which can help you information the right moment. This handbook contains a description of many of our Planet. In addition, there are wonderful pictures of the most famous and the most popular places on the planet.

FAQ - Android - POGU - FAQ - bring to your attention is not just an app for Android, and some sort of instruction on the use of mobile devices based on the operating system Android. This wonderful application will open novice stunning world of mobile possibilities.

INFORINO - the whole world in your pocket. Let's take a closer look at the interactive application INFORINO. Yes indeed this application is an online application for your mobile devices and is a huge medium that is, simply speaking guide ...

Mushrooms. Directory - A great app for those who like to pick mushrooms, but do not always know what is possible. This little guide will help you to fungi. In the directory you will find 46 popular edible mushrooms poisonous and 30. Always please be careful and cautious in the collection!