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Tales for children V2 - A remarkable application on ndroid that will please you and your children. Lovely collection and udio and text of fairy tales for children. Meet the second issue for your pleasant stay.

Pelagia and the White Bulldog, Boris Akunin - Wonderful and fascinating and first novel of the trilogy "Provincial detective or sister Pelagia Adventure" on Android. Awesome detective B. About Akunin incredible adventures of detective by nuns named Pelagia.

Fifty Shades of freedom - awesome story to Your Android, incredible t rety bestseller that EL James, which discloses the feelings of love and passion. Here in the foreground you see the high feelings.

The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald - A terrific story Android. Incredible story about painstaking and successful "Way up" and "life at the top" of a strong man who was convinced that reaching the pinnacle of power, wealth, he can find happiness and peace. Where will it end, and it is, you can learn here.

Fifty shades of gray - A terrific book on Android, which is deservedly takes his high place. Book - bestseller and an absolute leader in sales. Incredible novel, exciting story about love between a flash very young student Anastacia Steele

Tales for children V1 - A remarkable application for Android, which will please your kids. Stunning tales for your kids, the app is a collection of audio and text of fairy tales for children. You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of this collection.

Turkish Gambit, Akunin - Historical 1877 year, when the Russian Empire is involved in compulsion severe and bloody Russian-Turkish war. Beautiful and still a very young girl Varvara Suvorov, representing female advanced views

Tales for Idiots, B. Akunin - lovely book "Tales for Idiots" on Android, which tells us how people can show their true nature and inner peace. And no matter what, why, how can always get out "unscathed."

Azazel, Boris Akunin - beautiful affair Your Android. This is the first novel of beautiful series of unusual detective Erast Fandorin. Erastus Fandorin very young, he was twenty years old, but he successful, fearless, noble, and attractive. In a word - A fine young man

Pelagia and the Black Monk, Akunin - Stunning affair Android, which will take you to incredible and bit dangerous adventures with the main character. In Zavolzhskaya province of Russia XIX within New Ararat brutal to a Black Monk