Download for free battle On Android

Eggon - a game for the android platform, in which you will become a dragon lord and control its flight. But do not just manage. On the back of a powerful dragon are sitting brave heroes - noble knights, arrows, powerful mages and others - must smash the enemy army that attacks your castle

War in pocket - a game for the android platform, which opens before you the opportunity to become the greatest military leader. To do this, you need to form a powerful army of different kinds of troops - infantry, tanks, aviation and other units, hire famous generals from the times of World War II

Armada: World of modern tanks - a great war game on Android. The game is sure to appeal to fans of "Tanchiki", because here you are coming tank battles on various maps, team and individual battles against other players. Shoot and fall into the enemy, it does not get in your tank shell

Inferno squad - a game for the android platform that takes you into space where you have numerous battles with monsters that have come from other planets

Lords Mobile - game for android platform from the developer IGG.COM, executed not in the same genre, and in a combination of two genres RTS and RPG. Developer mark on this game projects like Castle Clash, Clash of Lords, Clash of Mafias and others, but very difficult to compete with the game Clash of Clans, a shark in the market of computer entertainment

Walking War Robots - an exciting game for the Android platform in the genre of multiplayer shooter, made ​​in stunning 3D graphics. The game takes you into the events team battles 6 × 6 in real time

Siegelord: Clash of empires - a great strategy for Android devices, in which you will build your own empire to rule and protect it from enemies. In this exciting game you have to build fortresses and towers, create an army of soldiers, and to increase its strength to protect your empire

Spirit master: Quest for adventure - game for android platform that offers you to go on an exciting and dangerous journey into a world populated by monsters and spirits, where you expect a battle with the enemies in order to save mankind. You are waiting for a fantastic location, you will visit the deep caves and snow-covered mountain tops

Clash royale - game for android platform, in which you can challenge other players in the arena fighting. Your task - to assemble a collection of cards with the soldiers, spells, and other defensive structures and take part in battles with other rivals

Battle time - a great strategy for Android. Your task is to command his army, which consists of a variety of warriors. You need to choose the best general who will lead your army to new victories. Fight on the battlefield, seize enemy castles Command your troops as military leader and lead him to victory