Download for free antivirus On Android

360 Mobile Security - a free app for the platform is not new, it is already more than two years, but very useful, because it has more than hundreds of millions of users. Developed and continues to improve the software company 360 Mobile Security Limited

LEO Privacy Guard - a free application for the Android platform, with which you can lock the application to protect personal secrets and completely solve the problem of privacy and security of data in your mobile device. The application is characterized by convenience, simplicity, security and beauty ...

McAfee WaveSecure - The perfect solution for protecting your mobile devices to wh ich was created by world- with the expertise to scale - is to ensure a n e rvuyu all safety values ​​and protection of your mobile life. App McAfee WaveSecure, it should be noted, it was noted awards.

Zoner AntiVirus Free - with this great app for Android, your mobile device will be fully protected as from viruses, Trojans, worms, malware ...
AVG Anti-Virus - performs many functions. Yet its main fuktsiey is - protective.