Download for free adventure runner On Android

Zombie Escape / Zombie Escape - a stunning and dynamic runner on Android, in a fun style of bloodthirsty zombies. Here you'll play for a guy or a girl who is rapidly running away from the bloodthirsty monsters. But you have friends who are always ready to help.

Sonic Dash - a great game and drayvovaya on Android with beloved hero Sonic. Only on your mobile device a terrific game - runner with great jumps and spins. How far it can escape your character, depends only on you. Try your hand, what you can do with his friend Sonic.

Run, My Deer - an incredible game for Android, which will delay you in a stunning runner. Great graphics, colorful plot of the game, in which you need to try to stay unharmed during a crazy run. Each level will surprise you with its difficulties.

Caveman Run - Very bright and colorful runner in which You will be play for the abnormal boy , who stole Dragon Egg and runs quickly home. P on the road home offers exciting adventures ...