Download for free Zombie Shooter On Android

Zombie Sniper 3D shooting game: The killer is a platform game for android, in which you can become a zombie hunter, shooting them from a powerful weapon. If you take a comfortable fire position on the roof of the building, you can destroy zombies from a sniper rifle from a long distance, or shoot them with a shotgun or a pistol

Dead outbreak: Zombie plague apocalypse survival is a platform game for android in which you have to stop the apocalypse. In a certain laboratory, zombie virus studies were conducted and now the city is filled with crowds of bloodthirsty zombies. Your task is to lead a brave heroine through the hordes of zombies to the laboratory in which they were given birth

Zombie shooter hell 4 survival - A game for the android platform that takes you to a world struck by a zombie virus, where you have to fight for survival, so hold your weapons tight and, without letting monsters close, pull the trigger in time. Shoot accurately, firing aimed fire, because only your fighting skills

Zombie dead set - a game for the android platform, in which, under the influence of an unknown virus, most people turned into zombies. Some residents of the city still survived and, in order to save them, you must destroy the dead alive and carry out dangerous military missions in different parts of the city. In the battles for the survival of mankind

Special Mission - a game for android platform from the developer Coola Games from China, made ​​in the genre of shooting range, where you will snipe at enemies. It is hard to imagine the variety of enemies that will attack you, since zombies and finishing tanks and aircraft

UNKILLED - active platform game for Android from the developer MADFINGER Games, declared by him as a zombie shooter. Developer familiar to users of the two parts is very popular shooter DEAD TRIGGER, and the game UNKILLED

Must Deliver - dynamic arcade game for Android. The world is in danger - spread throughout zombivirus. It should be as soon as possible to deliver the vaccine to all who need it, destroying on the way from one zone to another is already infected, that nothing can help

Chaos in the city 2 - a cool shooter game for Android, where you have to survive in a city teeming with zombies terrible. Help the heroes of the game to destroy these horrible monsters, shoot from the proposed weapons. Shoot the zombies and other monsters using unique weapons, which is given to every hero

Zombie Highway 2 - the second part of the game for the android platform. The first part was very popular among players, fans highway full of zombies, and gained the attention of more than ten million subscribers. Driving on the highway is a bit like a runner, but the game has a storyline and levels that are not infinite, and have an end

Zombie Evil 2 - The developers of FT Games has developed a whole galaxy of games on the theme of zombies on Android, including Hell Zombie, Zombie Road, Zombie Assault: Sniper, two Zombie Frontier, Zombie World War, the first part of Zombie Evil, and now even and the second part of the Zombie Evil 2