Download for free Three in a row On Android

Spookiz pop: Match 3 puzzle is a fun platform game for android, performed in the genre of "three in a row", in which you will change the places of colored fruits in such a way that the rows of 3 or more identical fruits are obtained. Making up the ranks, you can help funny characters to collect fruits, and as long as possible rows

Cupcake Mania: Moscow - a game for android platform in the genre of "three in a row" from the creators of the popular gaming projects "Hunt for gems" and Bubble Mania ™, which will plunge you into the world of sweets Moscow. The main character, a voracious sweet tooth bear Bruno, travel around the world, was in Moscow

Millionaire pop - game "three in a row" for the android platform, in which you will create a series of three or more identical coins arranged in hexagonal cells of the playing field. Forming a combination of coins, you can become a millionaire and the richest player if you connect

Diamond Dots Splash - another game in a rather popular among Android users the genre of "three in a row", in which you need to collect gems, but somewhat simplified. You do not need to collect the stones of the same breed diagonally. Games in this genre are simple and performed as generally

Diamond Digger Saga - a great puzzle for Android. All games from developers companies have a very bright and multi-color graphics. This platform game for Android in the genre of "three in a row" is no exception

3 Candy: Jolly Ranch - excellent puzzle game on Android. A great opportunity to spend time and relax, because we all know that the games in the genre of "three in a row" perfect remedy for stress adults and a wonderful opportunity for children to exercise in logic. Bunny-vegetables-in-shed invites everyone to his farm

3 Candy: Sweet Mystery - game "three in a row" on Android, as a good way to relieve stress and improve mood. Fans of the genre can not disagree. Secrets and mysteries of the dark woods waiting for you on a beautiful bright levels of the game.

Gemcrafter: Puzzle journey - excellent puzzle game in a series of three in a row on Android. You need to move gems so that to make 3 identical stones together. When you combine more than 3 stone, you will receive a new species. The game is very original and exciting.

Million Asteroids - good puzzle for Android. Sometimes space is pretty big threat, especially when unleashes its power on the planet. In this game you need to save the planet from asteroids, which is not one or two, or a million, and which do not cut, as usual, and adhere to the surface. As the planet rotates

Halloween Match Three - wonderful toy for Android that allows you to have fun. Puzzle for those who like to play three in a row. Cute game, designed in the style of the upcoming Halloween holiday. Wonderful and fascinating holiday, cooking us a lot of surprises enchanted