Download for free Space Shooter On Android

Dark side - game for android platform, in which you take part in massive battles against the rebels, going to the side of the force, which is a space fleet of the Empire. Destroy the rebel ships you can with the help of powerful fiction weapon. Your task - at any price to defend the Empire

Chicken shot: Space warrior - platform game for Android, where you have to save our planet from the invasion of aggressive space chickens, destroying aliens incessant fire from the guns of his spaceship. Piloting your ship, you have to maneuver so that the dangerous cosmic egg could not get on the ship

Heckabomb - platform game for Android in which you will become the avenger and destroy hostile aliens spaceships, their fortifications, asteroids and other space objects. Blast aggressive alien planet as they destroyed your home planet

Son of light - platform game for Android in which you can carry in outer space at the speed of light. Piloting a space fighter fleet and carrying out dangerous missions, you must destroy the enemy's space fleet. In your arsenal of rocket launchers, laser and other weapons ...

Space Brothers - defensive game on Android. Distant future. Our galaxy is in danger, she's been attacked hosts of enemies who want to win yourself a piece of cake, but there are always people ready to defend. You have to take the side of the heroes and fight back audacious bandits.

GravitreX - made ​​in the two-dimensional graph. In it the player must perform various missions in their spaceship battle. The game has advanced damage system, which makes it even more exciting and interesting.
No Gravity - rear main protagonist - to save the colonists from Earth to spread the disease. To do this you have to go to different galaxies and find the enemy, who was the source of the infection.