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100 doors saga - game for android platform, which will require you to logical thinking, ingenuity and observation in order to get out of the rooms of the mysterious building. Each guest room will offer you to perform a specific task and until you solve the puzzle, you will not be able to continue their way to freedom

Hidden Object - Christmas Eve - Christmas fun adventure on Android devices. Christmas schedule the game will give you a festive mood. You have to look for different hidden objects in 20 different houses, all under the Christmas songs. The game has several modes, according to this it can play both adults and children

Spotlight: Room escape - a great quest to Android, where you have to get out of a strange house, and you have to go through a lot of closed doors, find useful items and solve different puzzles. Your character amnesia, he does not remember who he is and what makes this house, your job is to help him remember who he is, and unravel the mysteries

The Three Musketeers HD - can not say that this game on Android from the developer Anuman is a full quest, rather it is simply hidden object, but that the plot of the game is built on the immortal classics, can ensure its success. I must say that the plot of the game, using the well-known literary