Download for free Logic On Android

Beautiful Brown Cat Escape - Best Escape Games  is an interesting and addicting game for the android platform that invites you to rescue a beautiful brown cat who lived in the largest and most beautiful village and played fun until he was unexpectedly caught in a cave. Your task is to rescue a beautiful brown cat

ENCHANTED KINGDOM 5 F2P  is an android platform game that offers a free quest full of puzzles and defeat the evil elves in these mysterious hidden object games. You were in the Northern Tar Empire, trying out new instruments from the Medico Imperium research laboratories, when suddenly crystals fell from the sky

Poppy Playtime Horror Guide  is a guide and tips for fans of the Poppy Playtime horror game on Android, which is a horror and puzzle adventure in which you have to explore a toy factory while be sure to avoid the maddened animatronics

Poppy Playtime Game  is a horror game for Android in which you are the main character Mac and you need to stay alive in these horrible adventures and puzzles. Explore new places in this horror game, become someone else to discover new abilities

DesignVille: Home, Interior Garden Design Game  is a game for the android platform in which a young married couple begins to rebuild an old house. Of course, this requires money. They can be earned by playing a fusion puzzle. According to the plot, the playing field is divided into cells filled with objects

Doors: Paradox  is a game for the android platform, which is divided into levels. Each level is a mechanism with a door floating in space, and your task is to open the door. To do this, you need to be smart - solve puzzles and understand the operation of the mechanism. This way you can find the key

Stick Prison - Stickman Escape Journey  is a game for the android platform that offers to find the mechanisms that open the entrance to the prison. Each level, into which the game is divided, is stylized as a prison, i.e. in dark colors with grilles. There is another prison atmosphere. You need to find the mechanisms that lock the exit

Zombie Escape: Pull the pins save your friends! - a game for the android platform, each level of which is a puzzle in which you and your hero must go through several zombies and not die. The space is divided by giant hairpin latches and your task is to open them so that the zombies cannot reach

SAI Warriors  is a platform game for android in which you fly in a spaceship and shoot at enemies that get in your way. Control the ship using a puzzle, similar to three in a row. The playing field looks like this: on the one hand - like an observation window of the ships cockpit, on the other - a field with tiles. Turn-based battles

PIPES: Zen Garden  is a game for the android platform that puts forward the task for you - at each level to create a system of channels for watering plants. The playing field is small, there is a source of water and plants on it, as well as segments and curved lines symbolizing parts of the channels. From these parts you need to build canals that will bring water to all