Download for free Battle in the arena On Android

Heroes of titans - game for android platform, in which you are waiting for battle with a variety of opponents - monsters. Each soldier, which you will manage, has exceptional qualities and skills. Manage powerful heroes with unique abilities. You have to choose a hero and to perform exciting jobs

Summoners' War: Sky Arena - game for android platform is an excellent blend of role-playing games and the "farm" in which you can build a huge team of obedient monsters "summons" and pump the hero. Monsters, clicking on your side will help you in battle

Heroes of soulcraft - great battle in the arena for Android. In this wonderful game you are given the opportunity to choose a variety of soldiers and fight in the arena with different opponents. You can participate in the battle for five minutes, in the format of two by two, or a 15-minute fight four by four enemy

BombSquad - good game for Android. In the Soviet Union pioneers loved to play the game in a militarized "Summer Lightning". Ask your grandparents, they will remember. In this game you are given the gaming space, to take part in which up to eight players can and offer different kinds of competitions