Download for free ninja On Android

Samurai Era Rise of Empires  is a game for the android platform, which is based on the era of Sengoku Jidai, a period of many local wars between the Japanese clans. You are offered a classic and high-quality collector of heroes, in which building plays a large role, since you need to consider the bonuses and vulnerabilities of each weapon

Ninjas Creed: 3D Sniper Shooting Assassin Game  is a game for the android platform in which you become a ninja and shoot your targets with a bow, crossbow or throw throwing weapons. Gives the game a special atmosphere of the present spirit of old Japan, although the events take place in the modern world

Mr Ninja - Slicey Puzzles  is a game for the android platform, which is a continuation of ricochet shooting, only now you will use the sword exclusively to destroy enemies. A limited number of sword strikes need to destroy existing enemies, some of which can block attacks

Fruit ninja 2 is a game for the android platform, which invites you to an exciting adventure in slicing fruits. Your task is to cut the falling fruit with your sword so that not one falls down whole. If you miss three fruits, the game will end. If you cut several fruits at once with one motion, you will get extra points or time

Dead ninja: Mortal shadow 2 - a game for the android platform, which invites you to make a fascinating but deadly journey through forests, mountains, dungeons and other locations along with a brave ninja. Ninja can use its combat skills, destroying monsters and other enemies. And you just need to tap the screen

Big Bear - a game in the genre of arcade games for the platform Android from the developer Super Awesome Inc. Game Big Bear, very similar to the popular game Fruit Ninja, introduces you to the polar bear, who had to leave their homes and find themselves in an unfamiliar place

Yurei ninja - platform game for Android, where you have to spend a brave ninja to the temple, is anathema. The road runs through the beautiful, but dangerous and frightening location, where he faces various obstacles and treacherous enemies. You will quickly run away from his pursuers

Ninja coming - in this game for the android platform noisy and restless teenage ninja, the famous anime character Naruto Uzumaki needs your help. You along with Naruto you must create an unbeatable team ninja and join the battle with a strong enemy

Ninja GO: Infinite Jump - a huge number of games in which you have to jump, created for android. One of the first, which was at the origin of this genre was very popular Doodle Jump. Almost all the games of this genre are simple gameplay and executed in a simple graph. No different in this regard and this game

Cowboy vs. Ninjas vs. Aliens - a great shooter, a fight between cowboys, ninjas and aliens. Very addictive game with excellent graphics.