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Platform Overview Android L - Meet and get to know the Android L, we present you a detailed introduction to the new version of the mobile operating system from Google, Android L.

Overview Smartphone Highscreen Zera F - Your attention is a great budget smartphone filled with decent enough specifications. So, getting started - H ighscreen Zera F.

Techno-News - Completely free application for Android, which will please those who want to keep their finger on pulse and go to pace with time. Awesome and handy tool that will keep you latest news

IMDB   - the official app for mobile devices on android to access the biggest and most in RuNet popular movie websites, through which You can without much efforts get the most complete Institute formation of film, TV series, TV show, directors, actors, etc.

TuneIn - is an application with which you can listen to and record b olee 70,000 radio stations around the world on your android device. Also, using TuneIn lets you listen to music, news, commentary, sports and news broadcasts, interviews, and much more.

New n lanshet G oogle Nexus 7 , greatly exceeds iPad mini in its technical characteristics . G oogle Nexus 7 second generation cheaper n lansheta Apple nearly $ 100 has twice as many s memory stereodinami ki and wireless charging.

Glass Widgets - excellent transparent clock widget, calendar, news.

Google has provided a list of the best programs of 2012 for Android. The list includes 10 applications, of which 9 are free, and all were presented in 2012 and received critical updates

The smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 3, on which the company is now working Samsung Electronics is a 6.3-inch display, it will be more Galaxy Note 2 by 0.8 inches. The display will be made on LED technology.

Google has introduced the first tablet computer Android Nexus 7 under its own brand, a budget model and will be sold for 199 dollars in the states. Google relies on a new tablet, the company hopes to be using it otvoyuet part of the market segment leader for Apple iPad. Smartphones on the Google Android platform with confidence ahead of the competition, but Android-plates are not yet able to compete with the iPad.