Download for free music On Android

Tap Music 3D is a game for the android platform, in which you need to get into the rhythm of a sounding melody while playing. The playing field is a track with a ball running along it, made in neon colors. The ball movement route is formed in accordance with the musical rhythm of the playing track. You have to capture as many game objects as possible

Mixmstr: Be the DJ is a game for the android platform in which you can become a real DJ playing musical compositions of different genres in evil places, such as bars, nightclubs and more. Start with small bars and walk to famous clubs. To please fans with different musical effects

SoundHound: Music Search is a great application, with which you can easily determine the song you liked and all the information about it. Click search and the app itself will give you the text, title and links to the artist

Cosmic chef - an unusual game for the Android platform in which you can become a chef, but not simple, and space, and to take part in music competitions space cooks. In order to prepare a fantastic meal, you just need to tap the screen in time with the rhythm and pick up the necessary ingredients

Muse Insight - a convenient and interesting application for the android platform by developer IT-GRANDS, designed for music lovers and for those who like to share the music you like with your friends. Registered users of social network VKontakte are right there to listen to the music and add tracks to a playlist

Shazam - application for Android by Shazam Entertainment Limited Developer Platform, a product that is serious competition for such products like: TrackID ™ from Sony Mobile Communications Developer with the number of downloads is close to 50 million from the developer and SoundHound SoundHound Inc

Groove Planet - game for android platform from the developer Animoca Brands, famous for adventure Astroboya and other game projects. The game is made in the genre of the music and the clicker is designed to beautify your life, filling it with beautiful music

Resonance unlimited - unusual game on android, with a little bit strange heroine, which moving on the screen leaves a trail. You need to keep a finger on her way, and not to make mistakes and to overcome the level after level. All that you will do a great music. In this game on Android you need to demonstrate

Sound sleep: Deluxe - you nervous, hornier, and you're having trouble sleeping? Do not worry, this is a very useful application on Android will help rid you of these troubles. It picked up a special relaxing music and natural sounds, listening to you is easy to leave the realm of Morpheus

Apple Music - a new application for the Android platform, which is a music service that includes the following components: For you - a selection of music albums by genre, artists and bands