Download for free match3 On Android

Epic pets - a logical game for the android platform, in which you will find an exciting journey and meeting with a huge number of funny, but at the same time exceptional creatures. You need to find pets and take them under your care, not allowing them to fall into bad hands. Each young animal has special abilities will

- Playing "three in a row" for the platform in which the playing field is filled with different sweets. Your challenge is that of the colorful candies to form rows of three or more identical chocolates

Languinis: Match and spell - game of "three in a row" for the Android platform, which invites you to a fascinating journey to the islands, where you will release the funniest local people from the rule of an evil deity. To do this, swapping colorful gems, you need to form a series of 3

Miracle: In the world of fairy tales. Match 3 - the game "three in a row" for the Android platform in which you swap colorful gems, making rows of 3 or more identical stones. Each of the locations in which you will be traveling, dedicated to one of the most popular and beloved fairy tales

Gummy gush - game for android platform, "three in a row", in which you need to help the residents of funny marmalade kingdom. You will journey through beautiful locations where the playing field you need swapping gummi candy, make rows of 3 or more identical chocolates, after which they disappear to make room for the next

Elemental jewels: Match 3 - Puzzle of a series of three in a row on Android. You need to change the stones in places so as to form 3 in the same row, then they burn out, and so you earn points. You have to remove the blocks of stone and ancient bones, unlock frozen squares and fight with cobwebs.

Jewels Flood - an incredible puzzle for Android, which does not allow the gray matter in your head cool. Do you have a limited number of moves, diamond fields. Wonderful game only on your mobile device. Game knows several languages: Russian and English, so that you understand no big deal.

Jewels Crusher - a great puzzle game for Android, which will brighten up your leisure, a great game in the style of three in a row only on your mobile device. Your main task - to build 3 or more gems as vertical

Diamond Crusher FREE - incredible game on Android, which will delay you in full. Yes, be careful, because the game is addictive, so that it is simply impossible to break away. Home Your goal - to eliminate diamonds in various game modes and risk to break the record.