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Grim tales: The final suspect. Collectors edition  is a game for the android platform in which Anna Gray, the main character and psychic detective rolled into one, woke up in a hospital, where the police announced that she had committed a murder that she remembers nothing about. Help Anna Gray solve a mysterious murder and explore different locations looking for clues

Desire: Prologue - a game for the Android platform in which you along with its main character is necessary to solve many interesting puzzles and logic tasks. The main character of the game - a boy who sees everything in black and white, and you will help him to see the different colors, making it perception of the world is not so sad

Grim tales: The wishes. Collector's edition - platform game for Android, where you have to find and collect various items, solve interesting puzzles. According to the story of the protagonist's nephew joined with the dark forces in an agreement and now aging rapidly. Your task is