360 Mobile Security


360 Mobile Security - a free app for the platform is not new, it is already more than two years, but very useful, because it has more than hundreds of millions of users. Developed and continues to improve the software company 360 Mobile Security Limited, so today, the app provides a large number of different options for protecting your device. This protection of your profile on the Internet, and the optimization and cleaning of the device, and so on.

Waste and residual files take up space and slow down the operation of the device, so the application can clean your device will scan the memory and remove any excess. Each device has to confidential information - this SMS, and photos, and other files, which can protect the specific system and application mechanisms. The app has received numerous awards, because anti-virus constantly upgrade the kernel to prevent 99.7%. The app also has an application management function that lets you delete or move files and programs.

The basic properties of the application 360 Mobile Security:

- Simple and intuitive design

- Beautiful antivirus

- Cleaning device

- Protection of information inside the phone

- Easy application manager

- Continues to work on improving the energy-saving system

- For the application does not have to pay

Summary: The main advantage of this application is that it is absolutely free, and the functions that it is endowed with, very helpful, and their range is constantly expanding.


Download 360 Mobile Security apk Free 13.36 MB version 3.6.4

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