Necta Launcher


Necta Launcher - original launcher for android platform, which will be particularly useful for children and seniors. The launcher is such a shell for android, which introduces some changes in appearance, function and so on. Today, most manufacturers make their phones launcher, so many users to abandon the use of additional membranes entirely satisfied that they are offered by the manufacturer. Some launchers offer external decorations for the device's screen, which is not always a positive effect on battery consumption and speed of operation.

Work launcher Necta Launcher aims to make complex smartphone as simple and understandable, with large buttons and a minimal set of basic functions. Designed for a specific audience, it helps to solve a lot of problems mainly in children and seniors at work with smartphones, from the intricate and sometimes complex functions that are difficult to understand, and ending with the small print which is hard to read.

The main advantages of application Necta Launcher:

- A large number of useful tools

- Three clicks to remove tools in the right place

- Easy to read large text size

- You can send your location to a specific number using the built-in function

- Large buttons

- Buttons to speed dial withdrawn separately

- Interface to the camera and view photos simplified

- Built-in weather forecast

- Internet search displayed on a separate line

- Flashlight is always available, it can not be lost

Negative application properties Necta Launcher:

- Is designed for a specific audience

- Charge, the cost of $ 9 for the full version

Summary: a very useful shell for android, which is perfectly solves the problem, sorry for that fee.


Download Necta Launcher apk Free 13.78 MB version 1.4.1

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