LEO Privacy Guard


LEO Privacy Guard - a free application for the Android platform, with which you can lock the application to protect personal secrets and completely solve the problem of privacy and security of data in your mobile device. The application is characterized by convenience, simplicity, security, and ... beauty.

Any application can be locked and unlocked with one click. You can reset the switch and lock different scenarios. The application can automatically switch to the most appropriate script blocking, depending on time and place.

To protect your confidential information app makes it easy, one click, raze on access photos, videos, messages and lists of conversations. It also recalls the need to protect your sensitive information.

With LEO Privacy Guard is easy to manage applications, delete them and copy, as well as traffic control and charge the battery in order to avoid unnecessary costs. Finally, LEO Privacy Guard has a nice interface and a wide range of attractive themes for the lock screen.


Download LEO Privacy Guard apk Free 3.54 MB version 2.2

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  • Posted by: Świetna (Guest), 2015-11-19 00:00:51
    Korzystam i bardzo sobie ją chwalę. Szczególnie służą mi opcje WiFi Security Scan, AppLock i Safe Box. Koniec z wścibskimi intruzami grzebiącymi w moich prywatnych plikach :)

  • Posted by: trari (Guest), 2016-01-02 20:52:42
    короч, приложение работает норм, мне пофиг кто там шпионит штаты не штаты, всю переписку скрыл. все смс, приложения типа вконтача и тви, фоточки и видосы, которые не нужно показывать лишним людям тоже спрятал. нужно было в один момент удалить приложение в связи со сменой телефона, оказалось что некоторые клининг аппс поудаляли кое-какие скрытые leo privacy guard файлы как мусор, поэтому написал им в суппорт support@leomaster.com и норм порешали все. 

  • Posted by: trari (Guest), 2016-01-09 21:37:12
    yeah, i found the missing video thanks to leo tech support, nice job.